Benefits of Aerial Photography in the World of Real Estate

If you are in the real estate industry, you have no doubt been constantly hearing about the goodness of real estate drone aerial photography and videography. But, do you know what kind of return of investment does it actually give? We will let you know in this post. Listen up those people in the real estate field, your competition is actually leaving you in the dust due to the latest visual marketing methods.

World of Real Estate

We are talking about the real estate aerial drone photography, which is considered as the number one segment in the field of commercial drone photography according to the recent reports provided by the experts.

What Is Real Estate Aerial Drone Photography?

Aerial drone photography is referred to as the art of capturing quality videos and photos using drones or also known as the unmanned air vehicles. Drones allow skilled and professional photographers to capture specific views and angles that are otherwise totally limited by standard cameras or devices. Today, professional photographers can be able to shoot up to four hundred feet above the level of the ground in order to produce highly compelling drone shots of local landscapes, homes, charming landmarks, downtowns, as well as tracts of lush farmland.

As a matter of fact, this new medium can be able to create a much better sense of culture and location that potential property buyer will definitely love. After all, studies show that almost seventy percent of residential property buyers watch photo and video tours. This have been verified by NAR or the National Association of Realtors and even Google’s joint real estate consumer report.

Studies Show That People Likes Drone Photography Among Other Methods

The joint report of Google and NAR as well as the market trends and consumer in the real estate industry, studies revealed how much potential residential or commercial property buyers heavily rely on the visual marketing in order to make decisions. As the buying public grow more and more informed on their own, chances are they expect to have more high-quality and useful information as well as visuals for great decision-making. Thus, the increasing popularity of real estate aerial drone photography is becoming more and more important.

Furthermore, according to the experts, residential and commercial properties that have accompanying aerial images are sixty eight percent more likely to dispose their properties without too much marketing. This makes it another reason why real estate agents and residential or commercial property owners who want to list their properties are upgrading their marketing strategies with the help of real estate drone photography together with their trusted drone filming company.

In the real estate industry, success does not highly demand that you should be an expert in computer, or different technologies. But, using the tools and strategies online at your disposal can surely give you the edge vs. Both national and local competition. Certainly, following the advices we have listed above will help a lot in raising your profile and attracting more affluent and serious real estate clientele.