Benefits of Aerial Photography in the World of Real Estate

If you are in the real estate industry, you have no doubt been constantly hearing about the goodness of real estate drone aerial photography and videography. But, do you know what kind of return of investment does it actually give? We will let you know in this post. Listen up those people in the real estate field, your competition is actually leaving you in the dust due to the latest visual marketing methods.

World of Real Estate

We are talking about the real estate aerial drone photography, which is considered as the number one segment in the field of commercial drone photography according to the recent reports provided by the experts.

What Is Real Estate Aerial Drone Photography?

Aerial drone photography is referred to as the art of capturing quality videos and photos using drones or also known as the unmanned air vehicles. Drones allow skilled and professional photographers to capture specific views and angles that are otherwise totally limited by standard cameras or devices. Today, professional photographers can be able to shoot up to four hundred feet above the level of the ground in order to produce highly compelling drone shots of local landscapes, homes, charming landmarks, downtowns, as well as tracts of lush farmland.

As a matter of fact, this new medium can be able to create a much better sense of culture and location that potential property buyer will definitely love. After all, studies show that almost seventy percent of residential property buyers watch photo and video tours. This have been verified by NAR or the National Association of Realtors and even Google’s joint real estate consumer report.

Studies Show That People Likes Drone Photography Among Other Methods

The joint report of Google and NAR as well as the market trends and consumer in the real estate industry, studies revealed how much potential residential or commercial property buyers heavily rely on the visual marketing in order to make decisions. As the buying public grow more and more informed on their own, chances are they expect to have more high-quality and useful information as well as visuals for great decision-making. Thus, the increasing popularity of real estate aerial drone photography is becoming more and more important.

Furthermore, according to the experts, residential and commercial properties that have accompanying aerial images are sixty eight percent more likely to dispose their properties without too much marketing. This makes it another reason why real estate agents and residential or commercial property owners who want to list their properties are upgrading their marketing strategies with the help of real estate drone photography together with their trusted drone filming company.

In the real estate industry, success does not highly demand that you should be an expert in computer, or different technologies. But, using the tools and strategies online at your disposal can surely give you the edge vs. Both national and local competition. Certainly, following the advices we have listed above will help a lot in raising your profile and attracting more affluent and serious real estate clientele.

Modern Concrete Projects You Can Do

Some people believe that concrete is something only professionals should work on. And the things one uses concrete for is limited. But that’s no longer the case today. Many projects can be done with concrete. Here are some of them.

Modern Concrete

1. Bedside Lamp

First, you need to build a box as a mold. You may use wood to mold the concrete into your desired shape. The easiest one is a square shape. But make sure you put a hole where the bulb will sit perfectly as well as for the electrical wirings. Your bedside table will now have a unique but functional piece of accessory.

2. Fridge Magnet

If you use your fridge for attaching your bills, mails, and some other light things, a concrete magnet will be perfect for you. This project is easy and you can customize it however you want. Simply use a silicone ice tray. Pour magnet into each mold like you would when making ice. Then add the magnet on top. When they’re dry, you can use them as they are or you can paint them as well.

3. Multipurpose Bowl

You will need a rubber bucket for this one or any rubber bowl. You can adjust the height of your bowl if you want them to be deeper or shallower. Use them for many things such as an organizer, a container, or simply as a piece of beautiful accessory.

4. Cake Stand

You might think this is tricky but really, it’s not. All you need is a level and a cake pan for the top and a disposable glass for the stem. Mold the concrete into your desired diameter based on the cake size you will display.

5. Desk Organizer

You will need a mold for this one as well. But it’s such an extremely easy project that even kids can do it. They can make it as their crayon or pencil organizer and paint them afterward. Any shape can be done but the easiest one is a square shape as well. But not will it only serve as a holder, but it can also be used as a weight to prevent papers from flying everywhere.

6. Fire Bowl

A single bag of concrete can create more than one fire bowl. So if you like hanging out in your porch or deck and enjoy a little warmth from the fire, this project will be awesome for you. All you need is a rubber bowl or bucket as a mold. Fire bowls are easy to make, affordable, and fire-proof.

7. Animal Head Ornament

Not everyone prefers the actual head of an animal even if it’s man-made to be displayed in their living rooms. But a good alternative would be a concrete ornament shaped like one. It may even look more modern and can update the look of your living area.

Concrete is a great material you can use. But if your projects are more concerned with bigger ones like the pavement or the driveway, then a professional work is needed. And Austin concrete services has it.

Top 3 Common Roof Problems

Rainy days will come as fast as we know and all you want to do is rest, watching your favorite tv shows and enjoy the hot chocolate you made. You can enjoy reading books while we are staying in while sitting in near your window or play and listen to the rain at your attic. How can you enjoy those activities and supposed plan if you have a leaky roof or simply thinking that your roof might fly anytime soon? We just wanted a fun and peaceful stay in as we enjoy the rain and the ambiance and not the other way around. 

Does your roof needed to be fix in the most affordable price from a service company? You can avoid roof problems as a homeowner and it will cause you a huge damage if you are not making an action to fix it. We can call help before it will cost us over our budget and for entirely enjoy our home without any roof problems to think of. A roofing company in Denver offers you their roofing services in a budget friendly price as they serve you their best facility, as an insured and certified company and legally licensed.  

As you read this article you will be able to learn the different roof problems that homeowners in a timely basis. As much as we take care and love your house, you cannot avoid things to be broken and its need to be repair as soon as possible to avoid huge damage. Top 3 roof problem that you needed the help of the roof service company that will be fix in no time with least cost you can spend on repair. These are the top 3; 

Roof Leaks 

The most common and probably each homeowner be facing from time to time. It may because of your roof is thin and needs to be change into something that can hold long lasting than a year. If you are not a professional roofer, it is either you will not find the location of the leak and can cause extreme damage to your ceiling or roof itself. So, better call your trusting roof service company and have a peace of mind as you sleep and do you stay in activities. 

Clogged Gutters 

The gutter is rarely being check specially when the husband and the wife are working for the family, they don’t have time to check the houses that needs maintenance checking. Specially the gutter of our roof, we only check it when the rainy season is coming, but it is much better to maintain and a roof service company can cater that. By this you will not have problems thinking if the gutter of your house is working or not.  

Poor Maintenance 

The vast majority of the cause of the problem is this. Homeowners tends to give least attention to their roof because knowing that it is stable when it is not until a licking or crack in the roof is very visible and noticeable. You can pay a roof service company for weekly or monthly check up of your roof. Maintaining something important can result to goodness.